A tradition based on the agricultural excellence of the Piedmont region. Meats and vegetables transformed into true delicacies following original and tasty recipes. In Piedmont, the proximity to France and the royal cuisine gave rise to an authentic culture of sauces, used to complement and intensify meat, cheese and vegetables.


Home-made pasta is a must in the rural areas of Piedmont. A selection of the best egg pasta and sauces from small, craft producers.

TRUFFLES a treasure from Langhe

The white truffle from Alba is among the finest in the world and certainly the most appreciated by connoisseurs. In Piedmont, the culture of truffles generates amazing gastronomic delights based on this legendary taste and fragrance.


Piedmont is a land of mountains and hills. And among its woods you will find porcini, the gourmands' favourite mushrooms.


Simple recipes from the rural tradition; desserts handed down by the confectioners working for the royal family: the result of centuries of experience in the creation of sweet treats.


The traditional dessert of the holiday season, created with superior quality ingredients: "Gentile" round hazels from Langhe (PGI) and mixed flower honey from Piedmontese beehives.


Honey from small craft producers of the Roero "Honey Road", in the hills between Asti and Cuneo.


Among the Alps and in the valleys of the river Po, the fruit trees from Piedmont grow nourished by mountain streams and caressed by Alpine breezes. These precious fruits are the ingredients of our tempting jams.


Piedmont and chocolate: a match made in heaven a tradition of "royal" origins, going back to the recipes used by the House of Savoy. The craftsmanship of Piedmontese chocolatiers is as old as the chocolate art itself. True excellence, from which products such as Gianduiotti are born.